Flying above the clouds!

I don’t know how to start explaining my happiness. I also don’t know exactly why! Cannot choose… Is it because of the sunny, nice weather or is it because I was again in beautiful Germany? Or is it because of seeing my old, lovely friends?

I think it was a combination of all above! Everything was in order. Everything went well from the beginning of the week. This was the race I was looking forward to taking part for weeks. 🙂 Finally the day came. Like the old times… That meant, I was really back in the game now!

We arrived in Solingen on Friday, late in the afternoon. The course inspection would be on Saturday (race day) morning for me. In the morning while having breakfast, we heard the fire alarm! The kitchen was on fire! We had to leave breakfast and go out! ( I could manage to take some bread with me though! 🙂 ) Luckily, it wasn’t very serious, yet 5 fire trucks arrived in 5 minutes. So, when they secured the kitchen, we could continue our breakfast.

We were finally at the race area for official training. My mouth was already reaching at my ears. I jumped on my bike and started pedalling to the start of the course and here they were! I heard some familiar voices! That handsome man, Dieter Pfaender and Ralf Mueller were there with their smiling faces, as always.

The course was really nice. Techcnical, fast, in the woods, out of the woods, some rocks, some small drops, gaps, climbs, little bumps… It was a combination. I did 2 laps to see the course and then rested until warming up time.

After a good warming up, it was time to go to the start area. Seeing my friends at the start and being there with them again gave me so much energy!

The start was going through a hill after some meters of flat. It wold be a fast and hard start, so adjusting a good gear was very important. There would be a start loop and 7 laps and I wanted to do my best! In the first lap, We were mostly after each other. But I was not fast enough to stay with my rivals. The second lap, I felt better and faster. I started to have so much power in my legs (comparing to my previous races), I was climbing powerful, pedaling powerful. But because of trying to be fast, i had a small crash on the downhill section. Nothing happened. Took my bike and went on. After that downhill section, there were hills coming. I saw some of my rivals there and I was closing the gap up. Through the top of the hill, I wanted to use the smallest gear and bammm chain suck! I fought to take my chain out and finally I could but the ladies were gone.

I was feeling so happy! It was such a nice course and I was having the fun of it.
Also, hearing my name from my friends during the race made me feel so good. I did 6/7 laps but to me, it was total satisfaction. Each lap I felt stronger. I didn’t slow down. I did either the same or a bit faster. 5th and 6th laps I could climb faster and more powerful. On the flat sections, I was still able to push the pedals. But I also almost had cramps in the 5th and the 6th laps, because of this I had to be very careful.

Of course, I am comparing this to my own self. How I was in winter races and how I was in Solingen. Ultimately, you are against you! You are the biggest rival to yourself!

If I have to criticize myself, I am still not having my technical skills, still carrying the fear of my shoulder injury. But it will get better.

I, we left Solingen with smiling faces, happiness and satisfaction. Now, looking forward to being in Beringen, Belgium next week.

Thank you very much for reading and following. (videos from the races) ( Results)